Episode 19 – Fireball

  • Breakfast was served at the House of Silvermore. Lord Rainer Silvermore mentions that something must be done with the chickens that are running around. Stresses the importance of Nicodemus’ meeting with the Gralhunds to obtain the Poultry Farms Property.
  • A Fireball explodes in the streets outside of the House of Silvermore.

Episode 18 – Cluck-a-Pult

  • The Emerald Enclave has been taking in an abundance of chickens that scattered after the destruction of Poultry Farms. Huginn helps create cages and eliminate some of the chaos by the influx of yard birds
  • Huginn learns that the Poultry Farms property is owned by the Gralhund Noble Family. They have posted guards and No Tresspassing signs on their property, but have not made any efforts to restore the structure
  • Huginn learns about Lycanthropy from groundskeeper, Melannor Fellbranch
  • Huginn brings six chickens and catches a WUBER back to Trollskull Manor. This eighteen year old WUBER driver, Elena, takes a particular interest in Lycanthropes, and is a worshiper of Selune
    Chickens are: Muffin, Egg Nog, Freda, Olive, Opal, and Marshmallow
  • Mirolyth catapults the meteorite object Nicodemus had found into the wall of Trollskull Manor’s basement. It cracks open revealing a magical item: Ruby of the War Mage
  • There seems to be more than one spirit haunting Trollskull Manor
  • An Imp was spying on Trollskull Manor. Xel speaks with dead. The Imp stated it works for Asmodeus. That it was sent to spy on them to see if they were a threat. And, concluded, that they were NOT a threat.
  • Huginn fears for the lives of the chickens.
  • The crew head back to Silvermore Estate, six new chickens in hand. Their WUBER driver is Craabia, a human female in her lower 50s. She drives her WUBER carriage like a maniac, screams a lot, and is outright dangerous.
  • When they arrive to Silvermore estate, they also see Nicodemus’ sister Bridgette being dropped off by Kevin (City Watchman) after a date. Bridgette belittles Nicodemus and his friends. Huginn gives Kevin a chicken, Freda
  • Mirolyth catapults a live chicken through the 2nd story window, crashing the chicken into Bridgette. I believe this was “Muffin”.
  • Huginn takes the new chickens into the back of the estate (joining Hen Solo, Cluck Norris, Lucky and Clucky) Huginn sees a 2 foot tall, dark figure. It’s yellow eyes intent and watching the chicken coop.
  • Mirolyth resides in the library and studies up on creating Keg Golems
  • All is good. Long Rest

Episode 17 – The Howling

  • Huginn splits from the group to check in at the Emerald Enclave
  • While inside the Spires of the Morning, Jeremiah was able to slip away from City Watchmen James and Kevin
  • The group take an WUber back to Trollskull Manor. Their driver is a 70-some year old Human by the name of Brom. He falls asleep at least once while driving to Trollskull Alley. And the travel is much slower than previous WUber drivers
  • Arriving at the Manor, they see that Jeeves (From House Silvermore), by direction of Mrs. Silvermore, has had his crew working and repairing the old mansion. Scaffolding is outside and the inside had been cleaned up. Although no workers are currently present
  • The ghost, Lif, writes a message pointing to the remains of the Keg Golem. Asking the party to fix it.
  • The party find the body of Dirk, the Tiefling glassblower that the crew saved from being hung outside of town by the angry mob, dead in the library.
  • Dirk had crafted a very nice beer and wine glass collection for the bar. Dirk also left a lot of pipes and drug paraphernalia, including a bag of purple weed.
  • The party encounter werewolves. They were trying to break into the safe that contains the Lunar Swords
  • Mirolyth’s Gelatinous Jelly, “Blobby“, joins the battle after Mirolyth catapults the jar across the room and smashes it into a werewolf
  • Three werewolves are slain. One escapes.
  • Six members of the City Watch arrive at the scene after complaints of noise, possible magic use and peculiar occurrences taking place at Trollskull Manor. Joining them are Barnibus Blastwind, a special investigator of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors in Waterdeep and Saeth Cromley, a Sergeant in the City Watch closing in on retirement.
  • The crew, miraculously talk their way out of getting in trouble from the drugs and the dead bodies.
  • Xel meets a neighbor, Vincent Trench, a Weretiger and owner of Tiger’s Eye Detective Agency who offers to help offload the burden of the Lunar Swords by purchasing them.
  • Nicodemus asks Mirolyth if he knows a Scribe that can transcribe memoirs.
  • Nicodemus searches the werewolves and finds a strange meteor-like object, about the size of a softball. It is very warm to the touch.
  • A package arrives – late night WPS Delivery. It is not addressed to anyone. It is a fish in a fishbowl.

Episode 16 – Checkmate

  • The Gray Hands (+ Xel) rescue prisoners being held captive in the Wererat lair. Nicodeumus spares the lives of the wererats and lets them go.
  • Sarah Silvermore sneaks off before freeing the prisoners. Headed to the Spires of the Morning to attend to her wounds.
  • The crew release Vassago, Bertha, and Jeremiah from their cells.
  • Vassago reveals to Mirolyth that he is a Harper spy. He and Sarah Silvermore have been keeping an eye on Bertha and Zhentarim activity
  • Bertha speaks with Nicodemus. She plans on meeting with his father, Lord Silvermore, to obtain legal counsel about filing an insurance claim on the burnt out Skewered Dragon.
  • Jeremiah, brother of Mennett, has rock solid abs, flowing locks and a care-free spirit. He borrows the WUBER Wagon belonging to the Half Orc with a top hat, Oglesby, and escort the Thursdays crew through Waterdeep.
  • The crew find out the Wuber Wagon is “borrowed” and paralyze Jeremiah with a Hold Person spell, crashing it into a Waterbucks in the Castle Ward. At least one reporter had his scroll “confiscated” at the scene.
  • Xel can only speak in Celestial. They take him to the Spires of the Morning. They also leave Jeremiah on a bench with the City Watch
  • Huginn and Mirolyth ask Pastor Bright about Lycanthropy, but before the conversation takes place, they accompany Xel to a locked area of the Spires of the Morning.
  • Caelar Argent, Xel’s Patron, puts him through a series of tests and endurances to test his allegiance and resolve. At the end of the tests, the Xel and the Gray Hands find themselves on Avernus where they are attacked by both demons and devils. The demons are defeated, the devils flee, and the party finds themselves back in present day, in the temple
  • Nicodemus is granted abilities from his deity Tyr in the form of arcane abilities.
  • Xel Atel is freed from the ill-effects of the purple chess pieces and his mind returns to normal.
  • Xel obtains the legendary magical item, Circle of Cynosure once warn by Caelar Argent herself.

Episode 15 – Aye, Wererats, Aye

The adventurers climb down into the sewers following a trail of blood from the scorched Skewered Dragon

  • The Thursdays crew are pulled into a concealed room in the main sewer tunnel. Meeting a Dwarven Dungsweeper by the name of Hoggle (gray bearded dwarf all sentences end in “Aye”). He claims to have been an adventurer at one time, but after being brought back to life, decided to work for the city of Waterdeep for the Dungsweepers Guild
  • A large Yellow/Purple Beholder floats by alongside the creepy 10 year old girl in a blue dress, a member of the City Watch, and what appears to be a Black Robe from the WOMP.
  • The discussion overheard was of: 1) The rats using the Xanathar Guild weapons for their own gain and 2) if the “Sylgar’s” food had been acquired.
  • Nico’s magic sword nearly tempts him to confront the Sewer Squad, Mirolyth’s Gelatinous Jelly wants out of its jar, and Xel sends his cat familiar (Lil Caelar) out to be disintegrated by the beholder
  • Hoggle leads the crew to the Wererat hideout. Sarah Silvermore catches up with them and informs her brother Nicodemus and his friends that she is secretly a member of the Harpers. Her current mission involves protecting Bertha, from the Skewered Dragon, to gain information about Zhentarim operations.
  • The group with the assistance of Sarah and her Shoes of Spider Climbing raid a hideout where they believe a group of Wererats are holding prisoners.
  • An odd beholder like abomination with 4 eyestalks and a central purple eye that permeates a “high” type feeling seems to have some type of connection with Nicodemus and Mirolyth.
  • The crew eliminate four Xanathar Eye Thugs and the tiny beholder. The Wererats surrender.
  • Among the wererats, Xel finds Ayana Julruk. He had previously encountered her before at the Spires of the Morning. In her possession is a purple chess piece. This is the third one of Caelar’s chosen three. Ayana, seems perfectly fine being a Lycanthrope and has no desires to return to her previous life as a Warlock of Caelar.
  • On the top “ratwalk” of the room, two wererats escape. One of them was wearing a black and red cape.
  • The four remaining wererats surrender. Our Gray Hands (+Xel) convince them that it is not wise to continue their alliance with the Xanathar.
  • Mirolyth retrieves the fifth moon sword from one of the wererats. One of the wererats gives vague information about its importance. It seems to have something to do with a conflict between different species of Lycanthropes.
    Being held prisoner in the rat hideout are: the Tiefling Wizard Vassago, Bertha owner of the Skewered Dragon, and Jeremiah – brother of Mennett from the Yawning Portal

Our adventurers pondered a few moments about what may come next in their lives. After the encounter with the Lycanthropes…

  • Huginn’s future plans include a visit to the Emerald Enclave to see if anything recent has developed. Huginn is also enamoured with the Wererats. Curious and somewhat fearful of Lycanthropes and may want to find more information on these. Huginn has a renewed interest in Volo’s book and the monsters within
  • Mirolyth is curious about a myriad of things. What are the purpose of the Lunar swords and what is this conflict that the wererats are speaking of?
  • Xel having acquired a third chess piece will be turning to Caelar to find out what she has planned for him.
  • Nicodemus…

Next Episode (Tonight 7/23). Open world! I’m excited to find out what happens next.

The only other thing I think left was the meeting that Lord Silvermore set up with your group and the Gralhunds regarding obtaining the Poultry Farm property.

Episode 14 – Burnt, Fried and Extra Crispy

  • A peaceful dinner at the Silvermoor House is interrupted with chaos in the chicken coop.
  • Eyeful Perception reveals the chicken coop was destroyed from the inside. Clucky is dead and Crispy is missing
  • Nico feels a demonic presence fleeing the scene but unable to catch up with it
  • Mirolyth feeds his Gelatinous Jelly “Blobby”
  • Lord Silvermoor asks Nico to meet with Yalah Gralhund the next evening in order to purchase the property that once housed the Poultry Farm.
  • Nico and Huginn camp out in the backyard of the Manor. Sara Silvermoor comes home late and trips an alarm.
  • Sara Silvermoor approaches Mirolyth about a mutual “friend” that has gone missing, Vassago. Mirolyth notices Sara’s wounds and that she smells of smoke.
  • Nico and Xel meet with the Poultry Farm Family that is staying at the Spires of the Morning. Mother is Rayanna Ammasis (long straight, red hair, freckled). Children are Lorrent (13), Jom (10), Voster (8), and Klem (6). Their father, Bog, was KIA.
  • Nico takes on Lorrent Ammasis as a squire. Nico and Xel speak with the family…….
  • Nico mentions turning Trollskull Manor into an orphanage.
  • The Thursday crew take a WUber to the South Ward and approach the Skewered Dragon. A half orc WUber driver with a top hat.
  • Mirolyth notices a “well dressed” elderly couple in an area that is run down
  • The inside of the Skewered Dragon seems to have been scorched. A couple of dead bodies lie charred on the ground, including that of One Note, the Bard.
  • The group feel that there may be a connection between the burned building and Sara Silvermoor based on the fact that she came home late and reeked of smoke
  • Our Gray Hands (+ Xel) follow a trail that leads into the sewers below.
  • The crew now seeks out what may have happened at the Skewered Dragon and journey to fulfill a previous promise to Huginn made to Mennett (waitress at the Yawning Portal) to find her brother, Jeremiah.

Episode 13 – Ichor Under the Bridge

  • Our Gray Hands + Xel arrive at Phaulkonmere estate. Jeryth asks Huginn to ensure the safety of Blossom Snobeedle. The owner of Snobeedle Orchard & Meadery and fellow Emerald Enclave member.
  • While waiting for Huginn, Xel, Nico, and Mirolyth witness two druids, one by the name of Garruk, feeding a strange plant creature. The flower pot appears to be empty, but they deploy a single droplet of liquid and a hungry plantoid explodes through the dirt, snatches the droplet, and sinks back down beneath.
  • Garruk tells the adventurers about a mythical city that covers an entire world. In this urban world, nature can only be found in an enormous park, surrounded by buildings and structure.
  • Arrive at Blackstaff Tour. Vajra and Neol Dawnbringer have amassed a platoon of volunteers, including wizards and clerics of Lathander and Mielikki to travel to the Northern settlements and heal the villagers from the brainwashing brought upon them by the Grazzt cult.
  • Vajra explains that the Blood War, has spilled over to the material plane. Baldur’s Gate is experiencing a lot of activity and she hopes to keep any contamination from spreading throughout Waterdeep.
  • After interrogating the prisoner Vance (capture by the Gray Hands days ago), it was determined that Grazz’t’s cult was on a recruitment drive led by a prison guard at Amendsfarm, a human by the name of Basil.
  • Vajra sends the Gray Hands to Amendsfarm Prison to deal with the cult leader, Basil. A task similar to what the patron Caelar Argent has requested of Xel Atal.
  • A magical wall in Blackstaff Tower depicts the name of Past & Present Gray Hands members. All of our Thursday Gray Hands are present. Nico also sees the name of his older brother, Delvin Silvermoor. Xel tries to mend/erase his name.
  • Amendsfarm is surrounded by a moat made of black tentacles and the only passage is to cross a bridge lined with Gargoyles.
  • In attempts to cross the bridge, Nicodemus gets caught up in a rope trap and a gargoyle flies him over the Ichor Moat and the tentacles pull him down. Huginn and Mirolyth find themselves shoved over the bridge but are able to grab onto the side of it and hold on for dear life. Huginn, unable to maintain his grip, and with tentacles circling him to drag him down, falls into the Ichor below. Mirolyth allows himself to be captured by the Gargoyle trap and devises a suicidal plan to save his friends from drowning in the moat of ichor. Unfortunately, the tentacles engulf him as well. Rather than turning back to retreat to Waterdeep after what seems to be the demise of his three friends, Xel Atal presses onward with the task at hand, navigates the bridge and determined more now than ever, to extinguish the evil within the encampment.
  • The black tentacles actually teleport the Gray Hands into the lower level of the prison. They awaken to find themselves in jail cells along with the captive children of the Northern Settlements and an elderly halfling druid by the name of Blossom Snobeedle.
  • The Gray Hands are able to free themselves, Blossom, and the children.
  • Xel Atal watches Basil transform into a babau demon and then melts him with the radiant power granted to him by Caelar Argent
  • Nicodemus befriends a rambunctious 13 year old lad by the name of Lorrent. Lorrent and his three younger brothers were captive at Amendsfarm. They live (lived) at the Poultry Farm house with their parents.
  • Blossom Snobeedle speaks with Huginn and tells him of her youngest son, Dasher Snobeedle. He has been missing for six months. She believes in her heart that he is alive and knows he will return someday. She describes Dasher to Huginn and the fact that he commonly wore a red/black cape and enjoys pears.
  • Mirolyth, Huginn, and Nico now have RENOWN 2 for the Gray Hands
  • Huginn now has RENOWN 2 for Emerald Enclave

Episode 12 – Devil with a Blue Dress On

  • Our Thursday adventurers return from the outpost settlement to the North and reenter Waterdeep from the North Gate
  • A long rest is needed at Lord Silvermoor’s manor.
  • Huginn and Jeeves build a chicken coup using spare materials and Bridgette Silvermoor’s former clubhouse in the back yard of the estate
  • Nico reveals a plan for a poultry farm to his father, and Lord Silvermoor embraces this idea and plan as a worthwhile business venture
  • Huginn has a nightmare of chickens and demons
  • Nico has a nightmare of having a floppy eyeball. He watches as a ray shoots from his eye and turns an individual, in an alley, to stone.
  • Mirolyth’s nightmare also consists of a floppy eyeball. And, he sees his long-time rival disintegrated by a ray shot from his eye.
  • In a dream, Xel interacts with his Patron Caelar Argent over a game of chess. Three chess pieces stick out to Xel. A Bishop and Knight (currently in his possession) and a Rook chess piece that is transparent and cannot be grasped. Caelar tells Xel that her third follower has gone rogue and lost to evil. She needs him to find this piece. She also instructs Xel to confront the prison guard, Basil, at Amendsfarm to finish stomping out the Grazz’t cult that has taken root. Finally, Caelar tells Xel to hold strong his faith in Lathander for his path will feature a different reality from others, but this reality is absolutely necessary and will make sense to him all in due time.
  • Our adventurers create a plan to visit with the Emerald Enclave and then back to speak to Vajra, the Blackstaff
  • The Thursdays crew hop on an open wagon with an older Halfling driver. During their travels to Phulkonmere, they pick up a mother and a creepy little girl in a Blue Dress. The child seemed to have some insight into our characters. Signaling a neck slashing move to Huginn and claiming to have seen Mirolyth disintegrate someone. Mirolyth asks the girl if this person was a tiefling, in which she replied, yes. After a short scuffle, the crew agrees to let the little girl go. Her mother takes her by the hand and walks off into the streets of the South Ward.

Episode 11 – Poultry Heist

Our crew travels West to the Poultry Farm. It is here that they discover the

Episode 10 – Hate me Today


Mennett: Her brother was taken captive and taken down into the sewers

GRAY HANDS MISSION: Need to receive message from Messenger at the Play – Rise of Tiamat… Wearing Red Robe with Black Stripes and a Blue Dragon Mask. Turns out, three individuals in the play have Blue Dragon Masks. Must report back to Vajra.

EMERALD ENCLAVE: Lindal the Druid will send instruction to Huginn to meet at Phaulkonmere in the South Ward to discuss the Emerald Enclave.

SKEWERED DRAGON: Bertha, owner of the Skewered Dragon sent Zhentarim agents to find Mirolyth. She demands that he meets with her. She feels he cheated her on the price of the Moon Sword.

TROLLSKULL MANOR: Now owned by the PCs… What next???

STONE OF GOLORR: Key to finding Lord Neverrember’s hidden gold


(and where you first met them or know them from)

Floyd – One of three Dwarven brothers. They are brewers from the Dalelands. Wants to discuss their brews on tap at Trollskull Manor
Random Apprentice Wizard #1 – Messaged by Xel
Random Eye Tattoo Guy #1
Mirt – Eating a turkey leg
Morter – Town Cryer that is selling tickets outside of the theater

– Didn’t go in. The line was out the door
– 5 Star Diner in Waterdeep. Did not go.

Hyustis Staget (Hew-Stus Stag-It) – Chief of City Ward. Deputized the PCs
Targ – A begger missing a foot. Nicodemus gave him a few coin.

Rainer – Nicodemus’ Father
Abigale – Nicodemus’ Mother
Bridgette – Nicodemus’ Sister. Proper. Fancy dresses. Smart. Good at chess
Sara – Nicodemus’ Sister. Not as proper. Dresses in black and in plain clothes
Usna – Maid/Cook. Makes great sack lunches
Jeeves – Butler. You can ask him anything

Lif – She is the ghost at Trollskull Manor
Orsik – Mentioned as the dwarf who created the Keg Golem (Temple of Solus?)
Argos Azurecrest – Did not meet, but seen him in the paintings of Trollskull Manor

Vajra Safahr – The Blackstaff and leader of the Gray Hands

Castle Ward
Lindal – Druid messenger for Emerald Enclave. Arrived as Calico cat and talked to Huginn
Avari – Niece of Volo. Smoked purple weed with Nicodemus and Mirolyth
Vassago – Tiefling Wizard that attends the same school as Mirolyth. Not the friendliest of sorts
Ranaer Neverrember – Friend of Volo and Floon. Son of former Lord of Waterdeep.
– Rescued from the Xanathar Bandits that were staked out inside of the Zhentarim hideout.
Floon – Friend of Volo’s and Ranear Neverember. Rescued from Sewers
Volothamp Geddarm: Volo hired adventurers to find Floon. Gave them deed to Trollskull Manor
Meloon – Has had conversation with Mirolyth about his adventuring days
Yagra – Half-orc surrounded by Xanathar agents in our 1st adventure
Joe – Commoner that fell into the Yawning Portal during the troll fight

Employees of Yawning Portal
Chef – Overweight, head cook. Full of great advice
Mennett – New waitress works with Huginn
Ethel – Unusually strong old lady. Barback. Sings karaoke
Bonnie – Waitress at Yawning Portal
Durnan – Owner of Yawning Portal. Former Adventurer. Friend of the Silvermoor family (including brother Delvin) and Xel.
Three Strings – Bard that plays at Yawning Portal. Befriended by Huginn

Dock Ward. Not the cleanest of places to visit. The ale leaves a bit to be desired.
One Note – Taverns local bard. Short jam session with Huginn
Bertha – Owner / Bartender. Sold a Moon Sword to Mirolyth

– Castle Ward. Xel Atal woke before dawn to attend service in the house of Lathander
A walled compound surrounding seven towers crafted of dusky rose marble, accented and capped with fine scrollwork of copper, silver, and gold that reflected the dawn’s light.
Ayana Julruk – Human with a purple Rook chesspiece. This seems to be a part of the same set that Xel Atal’s bishop is from. Follower of Lathander.

Trinkets and Wonders from all across the world… that are Purple
– Bought Purple “smoke” and trinkets here.
Xoblob – Owner. Gnome. Bald head with Eye Tattoos


Nicodemus Silvermoor
– Human Paladin of Tyr. Chestnut brown hair about shoulder length. Goatee. Wearing hand-me-down armor, last year’s model. Injured left hand.

Mirolyth Azurecrest
– Elf Wizard. Black robes, Blue trim with academic achievement stripes. Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors Embroidery. Jr. City watch Badge. Studied at Blackstaff Tower. 6 foot tall, Dark Blue Hair, Light Blue Eyes

Huginn Ansrivarr
– Half-Elf Druid, Circle of the Land. Traveler’s clothes with grease stains and dirt. Dirt on Feet all the time, even when dirt is not around, Huginn has dirty. Even his signature leaves a trail of dust. 5’6, brown hair with leaves in his hair.

Xel Atal
– Aasimar Warlock. Golden skin with blonde hair, shoulder length. Silver eyes. Leather Armor. Acolyte of Lathander with Caelar Argent as his Patron. Satchel over shoulder. Clothes are White/Yellow/Red trim. Fine features. Symmetric.

ITEMS Acquired

Gray Hands Welcome Kit – Comic Book, Pamphlet, Lapel Pin and a Gray Glove
Jr. City Watch Detective Badge
Four “Moon Swords” depicting the Phases of the Moon
Hooded Lantern with the holy symbol of Silune on the back – Lantern does not open
Book of Golems
Letter requesting the lantern be guarded with their lives
Password on reprogramming the Keg Golem
Tickets to the Play – Rise of Tiamat – gift from Ranaer Neverember
Healing Potions
Clear Liquid potions with a sliver of a fingernail and snake scales like confetti

Items Acquired from Old Xoblob’s Shop
Nicodemus: Purple Flower Pot and… Purple Pot with Pipe
Xel Atal: Purple Bishop Chess Piece.
Myrolith: Jar of Purple Gelatinous Jelly
Hun: Purple Music Box


NIGHTMARES experienced in Trollskull Manor
Nicodemus saw his sister Sarah, dead, surrounded by flying snakes
Mirolyth lost his intelligence and was unable to read
Huginn was serving dinner to an entire restaurant who then died of poison
Xel saw his parents murdered by a cult and then was blinded by the sun