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D&D Quests – Why we Fear these Top 10 Halloween Monsters

Enjoy this review of the Top 10 Halloween Monsters! These are the classics that you see represented in the form of Halloween Costumes, Artwork and Horror Movies. For each Monster we will Discuss WHY do We Fear Them? WHY Would our Character Fear them in D&D and we will give a Quest Idea for each monster.

Top 10 Halloween Monsters – Why We Fear them in D&D

The following Top 10 list is simply the Notes and Outline I used to record my quest video “Why we Fear the Top 10 Halloween Monsters in D&D”. I definitely encourage you to watch the video for the full effect of this terrifying top 10 countdown!

I do not recommend scrolling down if you want to watch the video without spoilers…

Honorable Mention:

Flesh Golem & Mad Alchemist (Frankenstein)

Whether being smashed by a raging giant fresh back from the dead or becoming part of a mad scientists experiments. Being a lab rat is not what the characters are wanting, for sure. TERM: Necrophobia – Fear of Dead Things
The PCs are hired by a Mad Alchemist to dig up a body for the brain of an important town figure.
The PCs are put into a pit and left to fight to the death versus his creation.
The PCs brain are put into the body of another monster.

#10 – Aliens (Mind Flayers)

Astrophobia – Fear of Outer Space – Aliens
Possible Fear: Brains being scrambled. Mind Control. Memories Erased… Abducted and experimented on. Parasites living in body… Probes.
Perhaps one of the scariest monsters in D&D for fear of having their brains sucked out of their heads.

Our PCs have been abducted and awaken on a strange bed. They have developed some psychic powers and can communicate with each other telepathically. Then, they make their escape… but, are they? Or, are they the lab rats for a few curious Mind Flayers who are studying them?
Or, perhaps the Mind Flayers try to control them?

#9 – Scarecrows

. Formidophobia
Fear of inanimate objects that come to life. They are non-human, but look real
Pumpkin head or sack head, Scarecrows are in abundance in Scarecrow Mansion. Nothing says Halloween like jack o lantern

#8 Werewolves#7 – Vampires

Fear of Blood Eaters Possible Fear: We are no match for their charm and strength if they decide that we are their next meal. Fear of the supernatural. TERM: Sanguivoriphobia
LOST BOYS – One of the PCs family members is becoming a vampire must find and destroy the head vampire.
Vampire Hunters – Curse of Strahd

#6 – Dolls or Puppets

Dolls and Puppets that look too real. Our fear that at any minute they will spin their head, stare at us, and laugh. They are small agile and want to kill us, for no reason other than their evil nature.
Non-human objects with a human-like face is shudder-inducing. The face is not quite right and we develop this unsettling sense that something is wrong. This is an effect known as UNCANNY VALLEY. TERM: Pediophobia
The creepy of the creepy.
Child’s Play

#5 – Clowns

for the same reason we fear Dolls, Puppets, and Scarecrows, the uncanny valley effect has our brain trying to make sense of a face that isn’t quite right. Why are they always smiling and staring at me!
Joker – IT
A string of local nobles have been murdered. The PCs are hired to find the killer. They track down an insane Guild Artisan that dresses in clown clothes, shoes and make up. And then enter, its insane maze of mentally torturing traps, puzzles, and illusions.
Also… Red Balloons

#3 – Witches – Hags

a) Don’t fear as much as we used to. Fear their Magic and Manipulation. Cast spells to put us in a trance or make us do things we do not want to do. They bring about curses, plauges and bad luck. They represent evil. . TERM: Wiccaphobia.
b) Ah, Hags… a classic D&D monster that is manipulative and outright dangerous. They try to convince characters to do their bidding.

Quest Idea: Trick or Treat? Trick!

#2 – Zombies

a) Undead coming to life. How do you kill what is already dead. Fear of being eaten alive. Fear of being infected the disease and slowly tranform to undead. End of the World. TERM: Kinemortophobia.
Halloween movies: Night of the Living Dead 2 – Zombieland
b) Slow and easy to hit, these flesh-craving undead make for a great introduction to low level characters in D&D.
Undead Fortitude. Zombies Save vs CON to reduce to 1 HP instead… killed, but back up again. Like Resident evil. Double Tap.
c) In true Night of the Living Dead style, the characters arrive in town… investigate the graveyard, and there are maniacs everywhere… very quickly, the townsfolk become zombies and hunt down the PCs! Make sure that bite from a zombie leads to a fever, disease, and then death. It is a one shot!
Perhaps the PCs have returned home from adventuring and their family is now Zombies! Or, they wake up that way.

#1 Ghosts

Ghosts could be may be malevolent towards people and dangerous. They can materialize out of anywhere, so the fact that they may be watching without us knowing… Appearing in a mirror, shock scares. Possession.
Haunted House One-Shots. Hauntings. A haunted mansion with items that fly about on their own. TERM: Phasmophobia
Quest with a Twist… Copying the likes of “I see dead people” and “The Others” our PCs are hired to try and contact the ghosts living in an Inn or mansion. However, clues finally lead up to the point where they realize that THEY are the Ghosts.

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