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D&D College of Eloquence Bard 5E Build – Wally DM

Hello there adventurers! Today we create a Human College Eloquence Bard for D&D 5E. We will start at level 1 and advance to level 8 and discuss all of the abilities and spells along the way. This character build will focus on using the power of words to persuade, manipulate, deceive and charm persons into believing every word we have to say. This college of eloquence bard build is great for a charismatic player and will work for #Theros or any other #DnD game.

What is a College of Eloquence Bard?

Adherents of the College of Eloquence master the art of oratory. Persuasion is regarded as a high art, and a well-reasoned, well-spoken argument often proves more persuasive than facts. These bards wield a blend of logic and theatrical wordplay, winning over skeptics and detractors with logical arguments and plucking at heartstrings to appeal to the emotions of audiences.

Our character today, Angelos, will be created using the standard array for ability scores (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) and using the official D&D 5th Edition Mythic Odysseys of Theros book along with the Player’s Handbook. Now do keep in mind that this character can be used in any D&D game, not just Theros. But, for those of you interested in the options I chose for my version of this character in the Theros campaign I am playing in, I selected: Pious as his Supernatural Gifts and Ephara, god of the Polis as his deity.

College of Eloquence Bard 5E Build – Full Video Guide and Review

Backstory for College of Eloquence Bard

Angelos is a 22 year old Human follower of Ephara, god of the Polis. In present day, Angelos is a scribe that transcribes, files and delivers a lot of legal documents for Meletis. He still lives at home with his mother, father, and his younger brother Adedros. Angelos is a charismatic and energetic young man that has a way with words. His days are humble as he enjoys his job, looking forward to each day that he is able to serve Meletis and his god Ephara. He has a way with words and can commonly be found persuading local townsfolk to keep the city clean and abide by her laws.

His brother is the polar opposite. Adedros is a bit of a hot-head that commands his fists first rather than his brain and all too many times, Angelos will need to utilize his oratory skills to help get his brother out of trouble with the city’s authorities.

Angelos believes in his city and aspires to one day take a political role in government in order to look over her well being.

That’s all for today! Hope you liked the video.

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