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D&D 5E Battle Mage Character Build

D&D 5E Battle Mage Character Build – Fighter/Sorcerer

Today we create a D&D Battle Mage or Gish character. A melee combat fighter that is able to cast spells to supplement their martial prowess. In this #DnD5e character build we will begin at level 1 and advance through every progression until level 12. Along

D&D 5E Echo Knight Build - Explorer's Guide to Wildemount

Echo Knight Build – D&D 5E Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount

Hello there adventurers! Today we take a look at an Echo Knight Fighter, a D&D 5th Edition subclass that you can find in the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemont. This character build is 5th Edition legal and should meet the requirements of Adventurer’s League as long

D&D Backstory for Paladin

D&D Backstories – Mercel De Monchard

The backstory of Brother Marcel De Monchard, Human Paladin, told from the first person point of view. I am Brother Mercel De Monchard. Although that is unlikely to be my real name, that I do not know for I never knew my father or mother.

D&D 5E Cleric Coffee Domain

D&D 5E Coffee Domain Cleric Build – Homebrew Subclass

Today we will be reviewing the Coffee Domain, a homebrew domain for D&D 5th Edition created by @AndrethSaelind on Twitter. If you are contemplating using this domain for your next character, I receommend a quick discussion with your Dungeon Master to find out if they

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D&D Live Play Puzzle Crawl – Chamber of Tymora

Join us as we adventure through the Chamber of Tymora to acquire a set of Gaming Dice blessed by the goddess of luck herself. Based on the D&D puzzle idea, the Chamber of Tymora. Monsters included in this adventure… Gray Ooze – D&D Monster Manual

Pathfinder / 5E D&D Monsters – Crypt Thing – AD&D Fiend Folio

Pathfinder and D&D players have learned to not “split the party”. So, what happens when the Dungeon Master wants to “split the party”. Easy enough. The DM introduces the adventurers to the mass-teleport ability of the Crypt Thing! Here are a few sources if you

Pathfinder D&D Puzzles #37 - Three Card Draw

Pathfinder / 5E D&D Puzzles – Three Card Draw

The players must fulfill the requirements of a Playing Card logic puzzle by feeding three cards into an eternal flame. Should they fail, cards will fly into the air and smash the characters with bolts of lightning and electricity, but if they solve the puzzle,